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Appliance Service

Our Mission

We are a Mission-Focused Organization Committed to

Helping Small Business Merchants who Sincerely

believe in

Making A Difference!

We are devoted to:

Connecting, Sharing, Motivating, Inspiring, Communicating, Building,

and Supporting the Limitless Potential of our Merchant Members Combined

Energy, Enthusiasm and Knowledge!

We also Encourage and Promote Dedication to Learn, to 

Succeed, to Help, and to Prosper!

Our Mission is to help this Society of

Committed Small Business Mad Merchant Members

In their Quest of 

Making A Difference!

When you as a small business owner join the Club, we build the Society one Mad Merchant at a time.


As our Society Grows, we will focus on our Local Communities, reaching out to individual Consumers to Support the Communities Local Mad Merchants, by using our Directory of Mad Merchants.


As our Communities Grow, we will also Focus on our National Network of Communities using our Member Only Forum we will Network together to share Ideas, helping other Mad Merchants and ultimately with the Help of our Club Members, assist this Society of  Mad Merchants to,

Make A Difference!

In Main Street America and all the Local Communities, we serve!


Our Vision

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