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About The Founder

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Mad Mike

I am Mad Mike, a Humble Merchant who over 50 years has spent his career mostly as a Small Business Owner.

Yes, a Proud American Entrepreneur!  Over these 50 years I have enjoyed the Elation of Success and the Absolute Despair of Failure, but……. I have never lost my love for America and the American Dream!! 


This company may have been my brainchild and it certainly will become my Legacy, but this is not my company.  

Mad Merchants has a foundation of many incredible people who are just as committed as I am to the MAD Merchant and who gave of their time, experience and efforts to Create this Organization.  

This Company and its future Charity will be successful because of our Members, their Enthusiasm and Loyalty to our Society! They Sincerely believe in What we Do!!  

Our only purpose as a Company and a Charity is to support the MAD Merchants and the Communities they Support! 


These Committed Mad Merchants are the He and She who serve their communities as small business owners with a purpose and a commitment to be the best they can be, and they sincerely wish to ….  

Make A Difference!

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