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Having Fun: 

Mad Merchants Core Values

We always adhere to our Moral and Ethical Principles.  We believe that having a foundation of moral character in ourselves and our employees is a cornerstone of our business.  Honesty and Integrity is extremely important in all our personal and business relationships.

We have made a Commitment to Make A Difference in our World, Our Country, Our Community and to our Fellow Mad Merchants! That is our Mission and being Committed and Focused on that Mission is important!


We believe Life is more than work! In order to be more successful and Effective, we as Merchants, Focus on all the important areas in our life, not just work. Then we are better able to serve our Family, our Customers, and our Communities.

We have Faith in our abilities to Make A Difference and because of that strong Faith we all are very Loyal to our Customers, Employees, Vendors, Communities, and Partners.  Giving them a Good Return on their investment of time, money, resources, etc. is critical to us!  We also try to give back whenever we can to those in need especially Children, Veterans, Active Duty Military, First Responders and our fellow Mad Merchants and their families! Providing a Safe Zone for those in need!

We believe it is important to always be a Learner. To continue to grow as Individuals as Leaders and as Merchants.  As Leaders we have a Responsibility to help and Mentor others who wish to gain education and grow both personally and professionally.  Education is accomplished by Learning to Communicate.

We have Fun being Mad Merchants, we like what we do!  We believe everyone who touches our company should receive rewarding Value and have Fun with us as well! 

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